Hales Angels Pedigree – Edith & Gizzmo Puppies

December 21, 2012

  Hales Angels Elroston Gizzmo Hales Angels Austhollusa Elroston Colonial Boy Saxondale Royal Comand Bergleigh Sir Charles
Donallen Scarlet Ohara
Macbai Golden Girl Wybong Just Hopper
Moorina Mighty Bess
Hales Angels Palmetto Bug Dingmans M V P Millcoats Titus
Dingmans Tugboat Annie
Dingmans La Cucaracha Heatherbull Bountys Frigate
Lorelus Golden Chablis
Elroston Miss Candy Elroston Mr Sandman Nonparell Miss Emmylou Sanondale Royal Comand
Macbai Golden Girl
Elroston Jungle Boy Ghezirah Bill Sykes of Ocobo
Nonparell Lady Sarah
Korrina Im Teddys Girl Ocobo Truly Royal Quintic Amos of Ocobo
Happy Go Lucky at Ocobo
Angelique of Aldridge Aldridge Avanti
Ladyclementine of Clyde
Hales Angels Stifel Thy Self Edith Hales Angels Percy Ross Vincents Real Mc Coy Cherokee Otis Cherokee Yancy
Cherokee Trail
Vincents Country Sunshine Millcoats Titus
Kralon Vincenta Lil Hallie
Vincents Country Sunshine Milcoats Titus Walnut Row Moes Mighty Samson
Millcoats Forever Floppsy
Kralan Vincenta Lil Hallie Melrods Fabulous Freddy
Heatherbull Arrogant Hinny
Hales Angels Little Beautys Our Little Curly Beauties Amos Millcoats Titus Walnut Row Moes Mighty Samson
Millcoats Forever Floppsy
Beauties Repeat Beauties Fuzz Buster
Beauties Ms Vivian
Hales Angels Marys Jewel Beefeater Bulls Jemieson\’s Hero Rosneath Quest
Annys Song De La Parure
Hales Angels Drivin Ms Daisy Hales Angels Gizzmo
Hales Angels Roses are Red

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